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About Us

30 years of Service

Project Success is a Human Service Provider


Project Success provides assistance to those who often times need a second chance at life.Those who are living in unfavorable and/or inhumane situations or conditions. Services are provided for those who live on the streets, prostitutes, teenage runaways, and human trafficking victims. We also provide services to those who are going through a crisis such as; the lost of a home or job, no working utilities,food or clothing.We are there for those who are in need of support and/or mentoring. Project Success is a Christian Ministry and our" Foundation" is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Salvation is offered to each person that we encounter in ministry.

Project Success is an creditable established Ministry in whom exudes the excellence of Jesus in everything that we do.


Project Success have provided services to those in need for 30 years. We are committed to the great commission of Jesus Christ, who instructed us to go out into all the world and share the Good news of Jesus Christ. We are committed to meeting the needs of God' people and to assist them in becoming and maintaining a life of safety, stability, and dignity. 

Project Success has provided a safe place for many of those who were in need.  Assisting them in the transition from an unfavorable lifestyle to that of stability and order. Project Success serve as an organization that bridge the gap between the "Christian community" and those who find themselves in hopeless situations. Project Success staff brings a variety of skills that make up this "Conquering Army" for Christ. Their love for Jesus coupled with their education, make our goal of achievements monumental. Their degrees vary from a B.S. to a P.H.D. Our Executive Director, who is a nurse, has brought the same mannerism and care to the ministry as she did as a nurse manager/teacher. We have an array of Human/Social service professionals and a host of anointed ministers on fire for Jesus.

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PSM Headquarters


Computer Lab


Audio Group Session 


Clothes Closet (1)


Clothes Closet (3)

Picture 8038 Rugby Ave.jpg

Co- Ed Shelter (1)

Picture of 8036 Rugby Ave.JPG

Transitional Housing Apartment Complex




Lab (2)


Weekly Food Truck


Clothes Closet (2)

Picture of 9025 4th Ave S.jpg

Special Needs Facility

Picture of 1836 1st ST NE.jpg

Center Point Chapel

Picture of 7110 1st Ave North.jpg

PSM Veterans and Youth Center

(Under Renovations)

Special Needs Shelters Pic.jpg

PSM House of Love: Special Needs Shelter

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